PTW Global Enlightenment Projects are a platform where we provide digital health and education resources for all citizens of the world to progress and transform their own health and understanding of the world.

Our aim is to provide the world with access to quality education and facilitating healthier lifestyles. Through a network of skilled volunteers, we deliver a range of health and education initiatives at the individual, community, and global level. For more than a decade PTW has utilised emerging technologies to deliver our health and education initiatives, meeting the needs of an increasingly connected world.

Reliable, Accurate and Insightful

Through our global enlightenment activities, we produce resources to help educate and inform the world. Ranging from magazines that provide solutions and insight into the challenges facing the world, to info graphs and audio-visual learning resources such as videos. PTW provides reliably sourced information that remains unbiased and unaffected by outside influence. This allows us to provide truthful, accurate and useful information that anyone can apply to their own lives, helping them become healthier and better-informed global citizens. 

In the world of ‘fake news’ and unverified information, PTW want people to feel that there is an unbiased and accountable source of information they can rely on

“I joined PTW almost a decade ago because I saw a group that had no ulterior motive. PTW is a group of dedicated individuals working collaboratively to spread awareness about health and education, especially in developing countries. As the Creative Director, it has been an honour to assist in delivering consumable material in a fun and informative way."

~Benjamin Bugeja | Volunteer, Director of Creative Design