In India, there are many levels of inequality from gender to income 

The Magic Room in New Delhi, India is an after-school and weekend project made for young girls who live in the urban slums of the Jahangirpuri and Adarsh Nagar region. Supporting 30-40 girls at any given time, ranging from 7-to-16 years of age attend the Magic Room out of their own will.

What do we provide?

PTW provides long-term and free support in these projects and provide the resources which these projects require. Some of the outcomes
which PTW have achieved through our Grassroots Development work include:

  • Providing free, regular and consistent tutoring and learning programs
  • Implementing education programs and resourcing projects for these programs such as Computer Literacy with computing hardware such as computers and tablets and extra-curricular activities such as music education programs and provide musical instruments
  • Building and creating learning centres and libraries for children to learn in a safe and secure environment that are resourced with text-books, literature books and learning materials
  • Running physical education and sports activities, and provide the required sporting equipment
  • Develop leadership programs that empower disadvantaged children to be leaders within their own homes and community
  • Provide sustainable resources such as solar-energy kits and clean-water kits for projects to use

The Magic Room is run by local volunteers coming from a range of backgrounds in teaching and education with the support of other skilled volunteers.

These volunteers provide routine and free learning opportunities for young girls who are not only disadvantaged by poverty and income inequality, caste, social and gender inequality.

The volunteers support and develop the children based on the local curriculum in areas of: math, Hindi, English, history, social civics, science and geography, but also bring extra activities to the Magic Room including computer literacy, health, personal development, music, sport, art and drama.

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