PTW is a 100% volunteer run and operated international aid organization.

Our aim is to provide the world with access to quality education and facilitating healthier lifestyles. Through a network of skilled volunteers, we deliver a range of health and education initiatives at the individual, community, and global level. For more than a decade PTW has utilised emerging technologies to deliver our health and education initiatives, meeting the needs of an increasingly connected world.

The majority of PTW operations are facilitated through digital and online means alone. This approach enables us to continually improve our programs and more effectively use our team of global volunteers to deliver our initiatives and meet our development goals.

We have been positively
transforming the world by:

  • Engaging with communities to drive positive health choices and promote healthier lifestyles
  • Transforming grassroots development through expansive education initiatives
  • Globally enlightening individuals and societies to the benefits of volunteering


Countries with active projects
and volunteers


Vulnerable and disadvantaged children from low income countries supported by our programs


Of all donations and fundraising spent on resourcing grassroots projects


Hours of volunteering actioned
by PTW in our projects

The 3 Pillars


Sure inclusive, quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities through developing transformation

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We operate solely through volunteering means alone to promote unity and altruistic values, encouraging a life-long commitment worldwide

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Improved Health
& Well-being:

Encourage healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages, through positive engagement

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Our Projects

Grassroots Development

A platform where we empower disadvantaged and vulnerable children living in poverty or low-income communities by providing health and education services and resources

Community Engagement

A platform where we unite communities around the world together through workshops and events aimed at improving the health and education of participants

Global Enlightenment

A platform where we provide digital health and education resources for all citizens of the world to progress and transform their own health and understanding of the world.

What Is PTW And How does PTW work?

Where do PTW volunteers join from?

PTW volunteers join from all over the world. See the map below for where our volunteers have come from and click on the circles to find out more on our Grassroots Development projects.