Globally, there are significant gaps in health and education between rural and urban settings.

Eldoret in Kenya is no different. Whilst also facing the struggles of a rural environment, many of the members of the community live below the poverty line. If this isn’t enough of a disadvantage, the children of the Rescue Centre are orphaned or abandoned children who have been brought to the Rescue Centre by the local authorities or community. The Rescue Centre acts as a home and shelter for these children, but also as a family for the children. 

What do we provide?

The Rescue Centre is not an orphanage. Whilst it houses these orphaned and abandoned children, the Rescue Centre works with the local authorities and agencies to find the closest living family member or relative of the children and develop a transitional program in which the child can move back to a family home whilst the family is also supported, mentored and resourced to take the child in.

By developing health and education within the Rescue Centre, we hope to:

  • Have every child return to a family home
  • Maintain the health and wellbeing of the children
  • Provide an environment suitable for fostering good health and education
  • Provide extracurricular activities including agriculture, skilled-apprentices, agriculture, computer literacy, music, sport, drama and art
  • Aim to have every child in the Rescue Centre able to go to university or have skills to work after high school

The Rescue Centre looks after over 100 children at any given time, aged 6-18 years of age.

Almost all the children who are received by the Rescue Centre are previously street children. Following their abandonment or orphaning, the children unfortunately end up on the community streets. Without social support services, these children experience sexual assault, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse to name a few hardships. Many children suffer from conditions including AIDS and HIV. The Rescue Centre not only works to provide counselling, therapy and treatment for these children, but also maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of these children long-term.

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