Sunsar Maya in Kathmandu, Nepal provides educational opportunities to better the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nepal.

Sunsar Maya believes in the power of education to improve lives, but also recognizes that education systems in developing countries do not often meet the needs of growing children with active minds and bodies. Traditional education often focuses on rote, repetitive learning, and does not give children a chance to make discoveries, ask questions, or embrace their own natural creativity—essential tools for learning how to think, reason, and find the joy in learning.

What this project aims to do

The goal of the Sunsar Maya project is to provide children with a safe and caring environment that will provide them with the emotional, physical and academic support they need to grow out of their circumstances and be successful in life.

The early childhood education program was started because it is the foundation for future learning, and because it was the first place children are truly encouraged to play freely, to explore and question, and to inhabit their joy. Many children in orphanages may be past this age biologically, but developmentally have never been given the chance to explore through art and music and play and so may be developmentally or emotionally delayed.

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