SSAYU is a basketball and mentoring program that aims to engage young people.

The South Sudanese Australian Youth United bounce back program in Melbourne, Australia is an ongoing basketball and mentoring program that aims to engage young people at risks of being social engage. Many of the children coming to the SSAYU projects are either from disadvantaged, refugee or low economic areas of Melbourne. The program is strategically aligned with school term to ensure maximum participation from young people at high school who are at risk of becoming socially disengage. 

What the program does

The program utilise basketball and sports as an engagement tool for the participants then merges mentorship as a critical learning approach for young people. The program also encompasses a weekly professional presentation from other young people who are doing exceptionally well in their professional field. The main objective is if the participants can see other people like themselves excelling they themselves will become motivate as they can see those people as role models for themselves. For PTW, this isn't a grassroots project but a community engagement program that PTW provides free services towards.

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