Interview With Diva Dhawan

Diva Dhawan is the Co-Founder of VRTT Vintage. From New York herself and her Co-Founder from South Africa, the duo set up in Mumbai where they have built a community that is committed to take part in the fashion industry’s need for eco- conscious change. Their team of co- founders come with many years of experience between the fashion and start-up world, and VRTT is rooted in our joint passion for fashion and conscious consumerism. Along with VRTT, Diva is also the founder of ‘And Then We Stretch’- online Pilates, yoga and movement based classes to educate, promote and share a healthy lifestyle with the world. Read our interview with Diva in PTW Magazine here, and watch our follow-up interview with her on our YouTube Channel.

Author Chirag Lodhia

Health and Wellbeing PTW Magazine

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