Interview With Shaheen

Shaheen is the founder and CEO of Teach To Lead (Teach For India is its flagship program). Prior to this role, she founded and led the Akanksha Foundation for 17 years, where she worked to provide a quality education to children from low-income communities. In 2008, Shaheen founded Teach For India, with the vision of providing an excellent education to all children across India by building a pipeline of leaders committed to ending educational inequity in the country. Shaheen is an Ashoka Fellow, a Global Leader for Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum, and an Asia Society 21 Leader. She is the author of Redrawing India. Shaheen serves on the boards of Simple Education Foundation (SEF), The Akanksha Foundation, Teach To Lead, Indian School Leadership Institute, Design for Change and Symbiosis School Central Directorate. Given that PTW supports and works with the children being taught by teachers coming out of the Teach For India program, our Director, Chirag Lodhia met with Shaheen to ask her some questions about the mutual goals both PTW and Teach To Lead are trying to achieve. Read the interview here.

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